Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Soul Jazz Brunch Jam - Persistent

To spice things up for the new year, here's some groovin', get your funk on jazz out of the Bay area's Spaceheater's Blast Furnace. This ain't your traditional jazz trio doing airy compositions; there's a lot going on in this music. This is more of a melange of jazz, hip hop, soul, and funk (hence the blending of my typical Sunday features). There's definite compositional form here, it's just a complicated form that pulls in a lot of instruments (including some flute work that feels truly original) and beats to craft a sound with more meat than you might expect from typical jazz fare.

Visit their website, their label Ropeadope Digital, and become their friend on MySpace.


Lauren Stower said...

Photo Credit: (c) Lauren Stower 2010.

Sean said...

Thanks for the photo credit info Lauren, there was nothing on the band's MySpace page where I found it.