Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jazz Brunch Jam - Hindsight Is Awesome

I know it's a little morning for brunch right now, but I'm off to dig for some vinyl today and wanted to drop this in a quick minute before hand. It comes from the J. Davis Trio, and as you might guess, yeah, they're a trio and they hail from Chicago. Listen to their latest CD These Things Happen, and it's definitely got that stripped down trio sound. What makes it different than your usually trio fare though is immediately obvious; on top of some solid and funky grooves are laid down some equally solid and carefully metered old skool type hip hop rhymes that mate up beautifully. The blending of trumpet, drums, bass, vibraphone, and other traditional jazz instruments with hip hop beats brings to mind Madlib's Shades of Blue (as well as his work with Yesterday's New Quintet) albeit with more rhymes laid down on it all.

Enough with the talk, I'm off to score some records. If I'm lucky, maybe something will pop up for Sunday Soul later! While I'm diggin', check out Hindsight Is Awesome, the lead off track on the album.

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Erica said...

I was thinking that hindsight was 20/60. Hmmmm...enjoyable. =]