Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Afuche - Gesundheit!

To label Afuche's self produced, self distributed EP Carajo Is worse Than Hell as simply eclectic would be doing it a great disservice. Although it's only a small package of five tracks, those five pieces carry us around the world on a trip of musical exploration. Starting out in the old country, home to Beirut (and more recently Sea Wolf, who I talked about here) with the first track A Cue to Bathe, somehow, miraculously, then switches gears, travels thousands of miles to the Carribean in Umm Champ Chemp with some Latin spice, while still keeping one foot in the gypsy camp. Then in track three, Gaspar Noe, it leaps with a distinct Afro-Cuban flavor that makes you want to mambo. Before you get too comfortable though, prepare for some more traditional jazz a la Charles Mingus with a healthy dose of clarinets thrown in for good measure. All this in the form of track four, One Word with Three Syllables, offered below.

So all that being said, if you're in the NYC area, check out Afuche live. The nucleus of the band is Zach Ryalls and Ruben Sindo Acosta, but they have a whole revolving crew that assists in their stage performances. Enjoy the following and contact the band to purchase some of their work for yourself.

And if you are still wondering what an Afuche is, head here.

Afuche - Gaspar Noe : Carajo Is Worse Than Hell

Afuche - One Word with Three Syllables : Carajo Is Worse Than Hell

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