Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The sublime Nire

Simple, melodic, intimate, introverted : all words that could be used to describe Nire's debut full length album Vespers, which is set to be released October 9th.

When I say simple, I don't mean simplistic. With Nire, it boils down to Erin Morgan and Josh Hinton on vocals and acoustic guitar as the primary means of conveying their musical vision to the listener. Some bands try to get away with sparse instrumentation simply because they can't play anything else or they don't have the support to back them up. That's not the case here though. The atmosphere created by hushed lyrics and well chosen notes is a deliberate one that draws you into a world of your own. The melodies they create, with some delicate piano notes here and there, pull you into a state between sleep and awake.

In some ways, their music reminds me of The One AM Radio, but it is even more stripped down, more sublime.

Nire - Girl In the Moon : Vespers

Visit their website, their label Abandoned Love Records, and become their friends on MySpace.


The One AM Radio - The Harvest : This Too Will Pass

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