Friday, September 07, 2007

Pash this way!

With a title like The Best Gun, you might expect a country album with some dueling vocalists battling back and forth. Sort of like the western version of a dueling piano bar. Thankfully, you'll find no such music on Pash's debut album, which came out the last week of August. Instead, what you will hear is some invigorating and electrifying guitar playing backing up Merideth Munoz's vocals which leap, sail, and soar through upbeat lyrics that remind me of the sweet pop perfection of old school Boston rockers Belly (and new school Boston rockers Static of the Gods).

Pash - Swears and Bearings : The Best Gun

Pash - ABCD : The Best Gun

Visit their website, their label Exotic Fever Records, and become their friend on MySpace.


Belly - Super-Connected : King

Static of the Gods - Cycles Follow Signs : Cycles Follow Signs


pash said...

thanks bro!

Anonymous said...


are you really from fredericksburg?

were any of you born at mary washington?

mike in va.