Monday, May 19, 2008

Dimitri From Paris From the Playboy Mansion

“The whole decor of the place, the furniture, the light switches, it was like something out of a James Bond movie.”
Dimitri From Paris, on playing at the Playboy Mansion

There are tons of DJs out there, but Dimitri From Paris stands out as something unique. Born in Turkey, grew up in France (hence his stage name), Dimitri does an incredible job of spinning new cuts with tracks dug up from who-knows-where while keeping the flow as smooth as a baby's bottom. He's been spinning vinyl since the mid 80's, and his well of music runs deeper (and wider) than many of his cohort.

Last month, he put out the double disc release Return to the Playboy Mansion, a follow-up to his 2000 album A Night at the Playboy Mansion and the 2002 After the Playboy Mansion. Similar to what he did with the 2002 release, the first disc is titled Partytime, and as the name suggests, it's designed to get you moving on the floor, with nineteen tracks of retro booty-shaking goodness. The second disc is titled Sexytime, and as you might guess, things get smoother with a downtempo mix designed for you to get some of that booty that was shaking from listening to the first disc. The entire disc isn't entirely Barry White type material (although he does make an appearance early with the second track), but things do get a little more sensual.

As one could expect, although there a few names here you'll recognize (Jamiroquai, Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, etc...), there are even more that will be unknowns to all but the deepest crate diggers. These discs are exactly what they look like - collections of cuts that can be thrown on to play straight through that you don't have to worry about skipping tracks to get to a good song.

and one from his debut

Dimitri From Paris - Love Love Mode : Sacrebleu

Visit his website, his label Defected, and become his friend on MySpace.

Check out an interview over at Uncensored Interview.

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