Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What's the Buzz: Jann Klose

In terms of musical influences, it would be hard to hold a candle to Jann Klose. Try to follow this path: born in Germany, moved to Nairobi, Kenya with his family, then to Johannesburg, South Africa, back to his home country of Germany, across the Atlantic to Ohio (Ohio??? not exactly a hot spot for world travellers), back to Germany, again, then back to Ohio, again, and then to NYC. And now for the extra credit question - how many miles did Jann travel and at what time did the train pull into the station.

You can imagine that along with so many addresses, Jann gained some diverse listening and singing experiences as well. He's sang in the Cleveland Opera Chorus and Broadway productions of Jekyll & Hyde and Jesus Christ Superstar, and his songs have appeared in movies and compilation discs around the world. And now, he's released his latest album, Reverie.

Jann's vocal training really comes across on the album. His voice, which is part of the draw of the album, is strong, clear, and flows noticeably smooth through the lyrics. His experience with world music also makes itself evident (most obvious in some of the percussion parts - try All These Rivers below), adding an element that sets it apart from other singer/songwriters.

Jann Klose - Hold Me Down : Reverie

Jann Klose - All These Rivers : Reverie

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