Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Lately, it seems that piano driven power-pop is all the rage. The latest tasty dose I'm listening to now is from a Denver based quartet named Fiance. They're putting out their second EP, Please Ambitious, Please, which is a quick jolt of five songs headed up by the vocals of Patrick McGuire (whose voice at times reminds me of Michael Nau of Page France). The affair starts with a piano pulsating rocker, Super-Soft Knife, but before jamming themselves into a corner, the group is quick to show their soft, contemplative side on the next song, Pretty Model's Hands (which strangely, for a power piano ballad on a 5 track EP, is over 7 minutes long).

The EP's tempo goes up and down quicker than a roller-coaster in its 5 songs. That being said, you kind of need to be in a funky mood to listen through it and connect with every song. It would be interesting to see of the band could extend it out to an LP, where the change in emotions wouldn't feel so abrupt. There are 5 solid songs here though, which you might visit individually depending on your day; here's one of the more depressing ones (if your day hasn't been so bad, save it for a downer).

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Anonymous said...

There's also the completely different upbeat "twentysomething" piano song by Jamie Cullum.