Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Soul - Pillow Talk

Ooh, I don't wanna see you be no fool
What I'm teachin' you tonight, boy, you'll never learn it in school, oh, no
So friends who tell me wrong from right
I'll ask to borrow their pants some cold and lonely night
Ooh, hey, baby, let me be
The one who turns you on from A to Z, ha-ha
What your friends all say is fine
But it can't compete with this pillow talk of mine

Sylvia - Pillow Talk : Pillow Talk 7"

Sylvia - My Thing : Pillow Talk 7" B-side

Get them both on Pillow Talk

Two fun facts about Sylvia and this song:
1.) She had originally hoped Al Green would sing it.
2.) Sylvia would later go on to co-found Sugar Hill Records and personally organize The Sugarhill Gang.


ami said...

hey sean,
just stumbled across your blog; nice work. i think you should change one thing though -- the quote you attribute to John Cusack should be credited to Rob, the Nick Hornby character from the novel High Fidelity, which came way before the film!

Sean said...


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it.

As far as the quote goes, you're correct, but only partially. The book quote is a little different and doesn't include the "pop" part like the movie does. It is a killer book though, regardless! =]