Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Anti Atlas

Sometimes it's nice to spin a disc that you can just chill to. I'm not talking a quiet, introspective, depressing album; I mean a disc that's just drenched in subtleties from beginning to end. One that flows smoothly, allowing you to passively recline in the sounds or lift your head up and cock your ear to the side. That being said, Anti Atlas brings a lot to the table. The core of the group is comprised of a duo: classically trained composer Ned Bigham and producer/artist manager Chris Hufford. Earlier this year, they put out a double CD package which includes their two previous releases which complement each other quite nicely.

The first is titled Between Two, and includes ten instrumental tracks that feel both electronic and natural at the various points, although not always mutually exclusive of each other. It's got an orchestral sweeping flow to it that is minimized to make it feel very intimate. Elements weave in and out, around each other, through each other, and then disappear. There's a lot going on, even without vocals laid down on top. Some of the elements feel very natural and organic, while others are very unnatural and electronic, but the way they are fused together feels in no way forced.

The second album is Between Voices, and as the title suggests, in not only includes the instrumental aspects apparent on the first disc, but adds vocals as well. There are eight tracks here, each with a different vocalist, all from different countries. Some of the stand outs are Gemma Hayes, Yuki Chikudate (of Asobi Seksu), and Kristin Fjellseth (listen to On The Bottom Of The Sea below).

The two discs together work beautifully, and a choice of a favorite would depend on your mood. Order both together and double your pleasure!

Visit their website, their label One Little Indian, and become their friend on MySpace.


Gemma Hayes - Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover) : Live radio performance

Asobi Seksu - Then He Kissed Me (The Crystals cover) : Stay Awake 7"

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