Monday, June 02, 2008

Audible Party - V. 20

I think that the true measure of a mixtape put together by a professional' DJ (or in this case, two DJ's - LA Riots) is does it take you for a smooth trip from A to Z without any jarring transitions, all the while keeping the energy level high enough to keep you moving. Well, this latest sampler put together from our friends over at Scion does all that and a bag of chips. They've recruited Jo’B and Daniel Ledisko (a.k.a. LA Riots) to mix up a tasty electronic club cocktail of remixes seamlessly stitched together to create a fifty minute dance party. You can listen to it all at the Scion website, and you can pick up a copy for yourself at any one of the number of events Scion will be at.

Kid Sister - Control (LA Riots Remix) : Scion CD Sampler V. 20

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