Friday, June 20, 2008

Meet Gina & Tony

Take one part of Dimitri From Paris, another part Bitter: Sweet, put them together and you're likely to end up with someone like Gina & Tony. The pair hails from Geneva, Switzerland and they've just released their debut full length, Moonbow. As my initial musical equation suggests, it's got a down tempo, retro, electronic pop feel to it that sometimes urges the slow grind on the dance floor, and at other times the slow grind between the sheets. For an example of the latter, try my absolute favorite track from the album, La Ballade De Gina Et Tony, below. Although I haven't a clue what they're singing about, it's got a Marvin Gaye smoothness to it that makes it ideal for the bedroom "get it on and make love mix." Too bad it's only six minutes long - maybe they can work on a longer ultra-mix.

The pair also likes to go retro with some covers of some instantly recognizable tracks which are given an electro/techno make-over. For example, Judy Garland's famous Somewhere Over the Rainbow, from The Wizard of Oz. Another is Mr. Sandman, a song original done by The Chordettes which you can listen to below. While the covers are enjoyable to listen to, the original work on the album ultimately is what will draw you back to the album. Enjoy the following tracks and then head over to their MySpace page to check out more of the album.

Visit their label Poor Records and become their friend on MySpace.


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Dan said...

That Gina & Tony - Mr. Sandman sounds creepy. I'd definitely use that in a movie.