Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bum Kon

"Bum Kon embraced subculture and laughed it off at the same time; they were above pop culture and they loved pop culture. They were punk and they were not punk. And in the end it really didn't matter. Their legacy was simply to rock as hard as they possible could every time out."

-Johnny Maggot, from the liner note for Drunken Sex Sucks

Forget the sublime. Forget polished. Forget produced. You'll get none of that because Drunken Sex Sucks. As the above quote makes indubitably clear, Bum Kon were all about rocking out hard with every song they played, and that is most evident on this album. The album is named after the one and only single the band put out in 1983. It was released by Local Anesthetic Records (and appears on a compilation of the labels bands which I wrote about back here) and sold through two pressings. Five songs appeared on the single, but the band also recorded another twenty at the same time which have been, up to this point, unavailable. Now you can get every one of the tracks on this release.

Listen to the two tracks below and you'll get a hefty dose of what the band's intentions are. Looking for a loud dose of pick-me-up? The thirty-two minutes and twenty five tracks will scream by faster than you can name all of the members of the Sex Pistols.

Visit the album's label Smooch Records.

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