Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jon Foreman completes the cycle

Back in December I told you a little about Jon Foreman, lead singer from Switchfoot, and his plans to release a set of 4 EPs, one for each season. At the time, I had only had a chance to listen to the Fall EP, as the other four hadn't been released yet. Well, time has passed (as it tends to do), seasons have come and gone (as they tend to do), and the last of the EPs, the Summer EP, has been released digitally. In between, of course, he released Winter and Spring, and now you can piece the four together to listen to a year in the course of a couple of hours. Here are a few tracks from the last two to wet your appetite. You can order the EPs in digital format separately or you can now get Spring and Summer together in CD version as well.

Visit his website, his label Credential Recordings, and become his friend on MySpace.


RC said...

It's a great album.

I love this project.

Sean said...


I completely agree with you. I think it's a wonderful idea to produce an EP for each season that captures the phases of the year / our moods as time passes. I think it will be neat if Jon offers all 4 seasons as one album instead of 2 and 2.

Nice write up, by the way, on your site. If anyone else is reading this, head over to Strange Culture (the blog RC writes for) for a more in depth description of the entire project.