Monday, June 09, 2008

Time Travelling with Plantlife

Plantlife's new album Time Traveller opens up with the title track (which you can hear below). The first time I spun the album, I listened to the track three times in a row before continuing on with the other eighteen tracks. Yeah, it's that good. In it, lead singer Jack Splash runs through a virtual litany of who's who of old skool rap and funk, and sets up the listener (in this case, me) for a trip back through some good times. Listen to the song, and watch the video at least once for some classic flashbacks.

And now for those other eighteen tracks. To be fair, they deliver well on half of what's promised. You'll be get a healthy does (over an hour) of some electron-funk sounds a la Funkadelic and Sly & The Family Stone, although the hip-hop connection just isn't so plain, especially if you're thinking mid 80's, turn of the 90's. You'll find glimpses of it here and there (try Don't Go Around Looking For A Broken Heart) that will remind a discerning listener of hip-hop in its infancy and tunes like Afrika Bambaataa use to drop.

If you're not all that familiar with Splash, his voice is a falsetto that will instantly remind you of another funk-product: Prince (or whatever symbol or name he's going by now a days). Love Toy is a perfect example to show the parallels. Depending on your mood, the voice might get to you after an hour, but if 70's funk is your thing, give the album a try.

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Funkadelic - Freak of the Week : Uncle Jam Wants You

Sly & The Family Stone - Luv N' Haight : Family Affair 7" B-side

Prince - Uptown : The Hits/The B-Sides (Disc 1)

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