Monday, July 07, 2008

Cory Woodward

Princess of the Skies is the six track debut from Canadian Cory Woodward. It's a straight ahead rocker, driven by a drum beat and guitar riffs, and it opens with Revolve, a song with vocals that will remind you of Bruce Springsteen. From there Cory gets a little rockabilly with Remedy Girl, and then a little quirky with Slipping Away (I swear this track reminds me of something or someone, I just can't figure it out - listen to it below and help me out). The second half of the line-up begins with Turn To You, an acoustic track with that recorded in the garage feel to it, but things turn a little creepy with Down, Down Down. Cory wraps it up with the slow tear-jerker Last Breath.

It's always tough in an EP to really piece together an artist's sound, so I won't even try with Cory. There are some flavors here that could be wonderful if indulged in for a full length album. Try the track below and then head to his MySpace page to hear a couple more.

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Anonymous said...

Slipping Away sounds a lot like Pete Yorn. Is that who you're thinking of? Similar voice and timbre. Love the site by the way!

Sean said...

It's not, but I see it with Pete now, too. Glad you like the site, thanks for the help!