Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Genius!

Today I had my iPod on shuffle and I came across this song:

Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde - Genius Rap : Hip Hop Essentials 1979-1991 Volume One

which of course got me thinking about this song:

Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love
: Tom Tom Club

It's really hard to believe that these two cuts are over twenty five years old and just as infectious as ever. Of course the Tom Tom Club version is the original, which ended up getting covered and sampled by numerous people (including Jeckyll and Hyde, who were among the first). Although many would say their self-titled debut was the highlight of their career, the Club stuck together and released a Christmas single as recently as last year.

Jeckyll and Hyde broke up in 1987, but Andre Harrell (a.k.a Jekyll) went on to found Uptown Records and then later headed Motown.

I'll leave you with this last version, another old skool cut:

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Sam Stress said...

It really is genius!