Thursday, July 24, 2008

Diggin' with Kon & Amir

Legendary crate diggers Kon & Amir are back with the second volume of their Off Track series. This one's titled Off Track Volume Two: Queens, and it picks up right where the last one left off: gathering together juicy cuts of soul, funk, and disco that are so rare and far off your radar they might as well be from Makemake. Frankly, if you have all these tracks in your collection already, your name's got to be Kon or Amir. Try finding anything about the artists that they've gathered here and about all you're going to find is that they're included on these discs.

As they did with the first go-around, the collection is cut into two discs. The first is all about Kon piecing together some American flavored disco and some light funk. No, we're not talking about Saturday Night Fever or the Bee Gees, these are some honest to goodness tracks of dance floor delight. The second disc from Amir heads around the globe for some world-flavored cuts that will knock your socks off! Put the two together and you've got a one-two punch that's dynamite.

Visit their label BBE Music and become their friend on MySpace.

and a couple from the first volume so you know what you've been missing...

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