Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deca - 10 Years of Hush Records!

Over the last year or two, I've found some quality music coming out of Portland, Oregon via Hush Records. Unbeknownst to me, they've been around for quite a while, ten years to be exact, and to help celebrate, they've put together a twenty-eight track, two CD (digital), compilation, complete with a thirty-six page liner notes booklet, appropriately titled DECA: A HUSH 10th Anniversary Compilation. Some of the names in the track listing (which you can view in its entirety below) are ones that I've become familiar with (Laura Gibson, Nick Jaina, Loch Lomond, and Shelley Short for example) and others are new faces that I'll be looking into, time permitting.

The whole kit-n-caboodle is yours to download at the cost of $____. It's blank because you get to name the price - that's right, they're pulling an In Rainbows. But that's not the best part of the deal. Whatever you and everyone else who downloads it pays goes to a vacation retreat for all the bands involved. So pony up, download, and send these musicians on some R&R so they can make some more R&R.


"Hollow Notes" - Novi Split
"Refining" - Peter Broderick
"Come By Storm" - Laura Gibson
"The Afterlife Pt. I" - Run On Sentence
"Winding Sheet" - Nick Jaina
"Coo Coo Bird" - Shelley Short
"Hiding Home" - Norfolk & Western
"Spring Bird" - Rauelsson
"Space And All Dead Things" - Corrina Repp
"Elephants & Little Girls" - Loch Lomond
"Sharra" - Kaitlyn Ni Donovan
"Wii Oui" - Podington Bear
"Broke Down" - Amy Annelle
"The Wagoner's Lad" - Colin Meloy


"Song # 4" - Fun With Friends
"Petting Zoo" - Graves
"Your Smile" - Fancie
"Ridin' For A Fall" (Young Dub) - Bobby Birdman
"These Blues" - Super XX Man
"Egg Hunt" - Reclinerland
"Asleep At The Wheel" - Casey Dienel
"The Bane Of Progress" - Jeff London
"Flight Cub" - Velella Velella
"Oh Darlin" - Blanket Music
"Big Eye City" - Operacycle
"Elysian Fields (We're Dead, We're Dead)" - Parks & Recreation
"Humm-na" - Dat'r
"Sleep At Last!" (Live) - Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble

Here are a couple of my favorites (so far). Get the collection for yourself and then drop a comment sharing which ones spin your propeller.

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