Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Life Beyond Mars

After the success of their Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads project (a disc of interpretations of Radiohead songs), Rapster Records is coming back with a second shot of cover love, this time a collection of David Bowie songs. It's titled Life Beyond Mars: Bowie Covered (a reference to his song Life On Mars?, which appears on this collection performed by The Thing) and includes twelve tracks from a diverse line-up of electronic artists. Check out the track listing below:

01. Au Revoir Simone “Oh! You Pretty Things”
02. Heartbreak “Loving The Alien”
03. Kelley Polar “Magic Dance”
04. Leo Minor “Ashes To Ashes”
05. Carl Craig Presents Zoos of Berlin “Looking For Water”
06. Drew Brown “Sweet Thing”
07. Matthew Dear “Sound & Vision”
08. Susumu Yokota “Golden Years”
09. The Emperor Machine "Repetition"
10. Joakim & The Disco “A New Career In Town”
11. Richard Walters & Faultline “Be My Wife”
12. The Thing “Life On Mars?”

Some tracks are slowed down and thinned out, some sped up and discofied, others acoustified, funkified, technofied, and any other -fied you can think of. As can be expected with any compilation, not everything here will appeal to you, but if you're a Bowie fan, it might open your eyes to some new bands, and if you're a fan of the bands, it might turn you on to some of Bowie's work.


RJD2 - Airbag (Radiohead cover) : Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads


Anonymous said...

I shouldn't be surprised by this; but that Au Revoir Simone cover is absolutely just fantastic.

Sean said...

I agree, they did a great job of taking the song and expressing it in their own style, taking the piano in the original and synthesizing it.