Saturday, January 10, 2009

Amy Kuney performs Rocket Surgery

You say that you love me but I ask you How much?
So you spread your arms wide till behind you your thumbs touch
And you hold that position as I add it all up
In cold hard mathematical terms you’re in love

Hold me, don’t think too hard about it
Would common sense allow it?
You wait too long and you’ll lose me
Just do it when you get the urging
Oh it's not rocket surgery
When you know you love someone
It’s easy

Although Bird's Eye View has been buried on my desk since early to mid December (who knows without carbon dating it), it wasn't until the beginning of this week that I got around to finally listening to it. It's the debut from the incredibly young looking but mature sounding Amy Kuney, and it hit shelves back in August of last year.

The above lyrics come from the album's second track, Rocket Surgery, which you can listen to below and is probably my favorite track from the album. It's a good place to start as it displays the album's characteristics that make me enjoy it. Amy was involved with writing all of the songs on the album, and lyrically I appreciate the album as it tends to steer clear of all the cliches and presents typical emotions and situations in meaningful and genuine ways. The other enjoyable aspect of the album is how dynamic it feels, chock full of lively instrumentation. Most female singers try to go light with the instruments and rely on their voices to carry the album, but here there is just as much going on behind Amy as there is with her voice and the lyrics.

Appreciate Your Hands is another, slower track from a little later in the album.
You try, you try, you strive
You aim to please
Nobody cares, nobody sees
I have a taste for talent wasted, oh
Waste it on me, waste it on me

Bury your shovel by the door
Nail your hammer to the floor
This job is for a gentle hand
You have so much love to give
And I am here to welcome it
As long as you’ve got time to spend
And I'll be the kind of work…

That appreciates your hands
The rest of the album share songs just as sweet as these and deserves a good listen. Looking for some good mix tape material for that special someone? This is a sure source to take advantage of, and a solid debut from such a young artist. And if you don't have anyone to make a mix for, this album will make you wish you had.

Visit her website, her label Spin Move Records, and become her friend on MySpace.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree (and you said it better than I could've). I just got this disc less than 2 weeks ago and have listened to it at least 5 times through. It gets better with each listen because of the subtlety of her lyrics. If she doesn't make it in the mainstream it'd be a shame. Some of these songs just beg to be included in a romantic film's soundtrack.

Sean said...

Glad you're enjoying it Anon. If you live in CA or TX she's touring in those two places over the next month or so.

Anonymous said...

just saw her in san antonio tx with kate voegele... amy kuney is awesome. she was the 1st opening band and only played a few songs, i wish she had played more!

Sean said...

Kate and Amy in the same line-up...sounds like a great show!