Saturday, January 17, 2009

Massive Samples

If you know anything about trip-hop, then you have to be familiar with the name Massive Attack. Few artists did as much as they did at the end of the 80's and the turn of the 90's to launch the Bristol Sound into the listening conscious of the world. Indeed, their debut album Blue Lines (considered one of the first ever trip-hop albums) was one of the most influential British albums of the 90's. Even after the departure of Tricky, who headed out for his solo career with the release of Maxinquaye in 1995, the band forged on, continuously developing its style and sound and pushing trip-hop in new directions.

And now, after over twenty years of making music with various line-ups, they're set to put out two new releases: an album of new material titled Weather Underground and Protected: Massive Samples. Protected brings together a collection of twelve assorted tracks that have been sampled or covered by Massive Attack over the course of their career. The list of sampled artists will shock you, running the gamut from the usual suspects: Al Green, James Brown, and Isaac Hayes, to the more obscure: Wally Badarou, The Blackbyrds, and Lowrell (whose song Mellow Mellow was drawn from for the Massive Attack track Lately - listen to both below).

Herein lies the brilliancy of Massive Attack - their ability to pull in all sorts of sources, melding them together seamlessly, sometimes even unnoticeably, in their offerings. Protected will draw back the curtain, revealing some of the hidden inspirations for some of their best work. Look for the complete album in February

the sampled:

the sampler:

Visit their website, the compilation's label Rapster Records, and become their friend on MySpace.

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