Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let's Get Drunk in London

Here are a couple of tracks from Little Majorette, a Swedish band that doesn't sound Swedish. The band formed in 2007, and are currently working on their dazzling debut, for which they have high aspirations! To wet your whistle for its future birth, here are a few songs which just might make their way onto it:

The first track, Let's Get Drunk, is a laid back indie-folk-pop with strings number whose tempo and poppishness belies it's melancholy message:
pretend we are in love again
let's get drunk
to settle our nerves again
let's get drunk
pretend we are alone again, again, again
The second, London, is a heck of a lot more playful and upbeat, with its invitation to paint the town (of London, of course) red.
there's enough to party so let's turn ourselves up
everybody is going so let's take a look
i've got a pocket of money ready to buy us drinks
and the records that they're playing will make you sing

next time you're in london
So there you have it. Whether you're up or down, there's a song for you to check out here. Head over to the group's MySpace page for a few more tracks.

Little Majorette - Let's Get Drunk

Little Majorette - London

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HowMarvellous said...

Very nice indeed, thanks.

Corina Mackay said...

I love the song London! I really like their song Overflow, as well. It's another fun, upbeat track. Thanks for sharing :)

Sean said...

My pleasure Corina. Glad you found it a few years later! =]