Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brand New Day

Last night I had a dream that the world
Was changin' by leaps and bounds
It started up in the bigger cities
And it's spread to the smaller towns

The people began to smile at people
They'd never even seen
And when Jeremiah woke me up
I was ready to live that dream

It's a brand new day
A brand new way
Oh yeah

A brand new day
A brand new way

And to add an extra layer of icing to today's cake, the incredible pleasure of seeing Aretha sing My Country 'Tis Of Thee, a completely unexpected surprise.

When you're feeling real low
Here's a great truth you should remember and know
That you're young, gifted and black
You got your soul intact
and that' a fact

You're young, gifted and black
Oh, it's a mighty sweet thing yes it is now
Young, gifted and black
(My sisters)
Young, gifted and black
You're young and you're black
You got your soul intact
You've got the future
Don't you never look back

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