Thursday, January 22, 2009

Roger O'Donnell's Silver Box

Anyone who grew up listening to alternative music in the 80's (either then or now), is bound to be familiar with Roger O'Donnell, even if they're not familiar with his name. As a keyboardist, he contributed to the Thompson Twins (perhaps not so alternative), the Psychedelic Furs and most notably the Cure. Unfortunately though, back in 2005, while working on his first album of solo material ever, O'Donnell was sacked by Robert Smith, and has since pursued his solo career.

Earlier this week, Songs From the Silver Box, O'Donnell's second solo album hit the shelves. And when I say solo, I literally mean almost completely 100% solo. The entire album was written and recorded by O'Donnell, mostly performed on his Moog Voyager with minimal drum work added, with the only substantial addition being the vocals of Lenka (whose debut came out late last year) on one track and Erin Lang (who also appeared on his first album) gracing two others (one of which, Tiny Pieces Of You, you can hear, and see, below). The remaining seven tracks on the album are pure instrumentals.

If you're not familiar with his last solo release, The Truth In Me, don't come to this album expecting anything similar to his work with other bands. Also do not let the fact that most of the album is synthesizer driven scare you away or make you think you're in for a techno-fest. O'Donnell does an incredible job at making his electronic music feel anything but. There are many, many dense, lush strands woven in the album's tracks that come alive in your ear. There is absolutely nothing impersonal about O'Donnell's compositions.

Below you'll find the opening instrumental track, The Prince Of Time, and the above mentioned Tiny Pieces of You. The two will give you a good taste of what one man can do with one instrument.

(watch the video)

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