Monday, October 12, 2009

beats antique

If you REALLY want to talk about mixing old school and new school together, then check out beats antique's latest EP Contraption EP vol I. On it, you'll find an amalgamation of sounds that come from centuries apart. On one hand you'll find traditional middle eastern instrumentation and rhythms, and on the other electronic elements fused in, around, and under, all melded together in an electro-techno-house package that will leave you bouncing between old and new. A perfect example of this is the fourth track, She's Looking for Something, a slow churning, deep throbbing, mysterious number which I can just picture a crowd slowly pulsing to on a dark dance floor.

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Behzad said...

A good mixture of sound. it reminds me of moby or massive attack at first glance but as it goes on and on i forget about it being electronical and i start to feel trippy like the later works of "The gathering" for example in their 2003 album, "Souvenirs". and i think it's mostly because of vocals similarity.

Sean said...

I agree about the forgetting it's electronical part. It's got such a foreign flavor to it that it completely obscures the unnaturalness of itself.