Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Lesser Known Sister

Canadian singer/songwriter Carolyn Mark has returned, and this time around has enlisted fellow Canadians N.Q. Arbuckle to help out with her latest album (her sixth), titled Let's Just Stay Here. And to say their addition only strengthens the album is an understatement. For those of you not familiar with Mark, earlier in her career she performed alongside another fellow Canadian, Neko Case, as half of The Corn Sisters. As their popularity rose, the pair decided to go their separate ways and embark on solo careers. Obviously Case's star has risen higher and shown brighter, but that doesn't mean Mark's work doesn't deserve your attention any less.

Listening to Mark's voice will immediately make you think of Neko. It's got that dusty twangy feeling to it which would make you believe that the two are honest to goodness sisters, and not just previous bandmates. It makes one wonder why one has become relatively well known while the other has comparatively hovered under the horizon. What makes this album so enjoyable is the pairing of her voice with Neville Quinlan of N.Q. Arbuckle. Although more of the album's tracks are written by Mark, the album is truly a work of equal contributions, and its strength lies in that fact. The pair sings with a hard won wisdom of life that isn't always roses, and that character is shown in the majority of the album's tracks. Listen to the lead off track, All Time Low, below, alongside some various older cuts.

and some older favorites:

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