Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Day After Forever is Today

Just a quick post today with a couple of tracks suitable for weekend enjoyment from Oakland's Crown City Rockers. Their latest album, The Day After Forever, dropped at the close of last month, roughly five years since their last, which is, in a way, unfortunate, because this feels like a summer spin if I've ever heard one. Embracing the new direction in hip hop, CCR hits it up with an album full of fresh, live instrumentation and feels cleanly refreshing. Even the smoother ladies' tracks here make you want to bounce your body to the beat. You'll find a mix of some smooth flowing rhymes here alongside silky R&B vocals on top of beats that feel human.

Anyway, enough with that. Here are a few tracks to entertain you for the weekend. The first, Soul, is an uptempo number that you've got to move to. Astroshocks, the second you'll find below, is straight up hip hop with rhymes coming fast and furious and a futuristic line threading behind it all. Pick this up, even if you just put it aside till next summer.

and an old favorite:

Visit their website, their label Gold Dust Media, and become their friend on MySpace.

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