Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jazz Brunch Jam - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

I've stated it before on this blog, my favorite jazz artist would be Art Blakey. Another artist high up on the list though is the High Priest of Bebop, Thelonius Monk. Give me an album with both of them on it, you're talking home run time. Said album can be found, titled simply Monk. It comes from 1954, during his short tenure at Prestige Records, and this latest release of it is remastered by none other than celebrated recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder, the man who was responsible for committing the first of the album's two sessions to tape back in '53 (the second was in '54). Even though relatively early in his career, you can still sense his own unique style behind those piano keys. Check out his interpretation of the golden oldie Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (best known as recorded by The Platters) to see how he can even manipulate pop standards in new and innovative ways.

Visit this re-release's label Concord Records.

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