Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spilt Milk

now you say it's better to have loved then lost

maybe you never loved me at all
have you ever been a victim
of a hit and run
you never turned to see what you'd done

so don't say i'm crying over spilt milk again
don't say i'll bounce back
cuz i won't
don't say a word
or i might lose control
cuz this time i lost it all

Tonight I've got something a little jazzy for you. Something a little silky smooth. Something by the name of Kristina Train. Her debut album, Spilt Milk, came out last week, and listening to it you'd think that this was at least her third album or so. She's got such a sense of poise to her voice that you can only imagine where her music might head as she progresses deeper into her career. You can check out the album's lead off title track below, and hear a free, live, online concert of hers on November 2nd HERE. The album has got a Norah Jones type of sensibility to it (pre- her latest single, which has Jones heading off on a new bearing). It displays a maturity to it that indicates (at least to me), that she's got a career ahead of her. Try for yourself:

Visit her website, her label Blue Note Records, and become her friend on MySpace.

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