Monday, August 18, 2008

The 50 Sexiest Music Videos

Although in the traditional sense they're going the way of 8-tracks, cassettes, and now CDs, music videos still have got some life in them thanks to sites like YouTube. The folks over at nerve have spent countless hours culling through the piles of videos that have been accumulating since the birth of MTV (and some even earlier) to assemble a list of the 50 Sexiest Music Videos of All Time.

But instead of just giving you a boring list to read, they've actually collected all of the videos for you to watch! Obviously you're not going to get through all 50 videos in one sitting, so check out the site, bookmark it, and visit it when you're supposed to be doing work on the computer.

To give you a tempting taste of what you'll find, I've included some of the songs from the list below for you to listen to. Besides each song, I've listed the number where they slot in at on the list so you can find the video for it if so inclined. I won't give away what the #1 video was, but I will admit that I don't necessarily agree with it. Anywho, check out the list and the videos for yourself over at nerve HERE.

#49 = Rilo Kiley - The Frug : Initial Friend EP

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