Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You say Yeti, I say Bigfoot!

While slogging around the internet I stumbled across an amazing anniversary that deserves attention. Fifty years ago today a man by the name of Gerald Crew stumbled across tracks of giant footprints while operating some heavy equipment at a lumber site in Bluff Creek, California. Read about the amazing story on Cryptomundo. Crew would take plaster casts of the prints, the first such casts which help to prove the existence of the creature, first named at this event as Bigfoot!

Tenacious D - Sasquatch : The Complete Masterworks (DVD)

Robert Parker - Barefootin' : Barefootin' 7" (Get it on Barefootin')

Xavier Rudd - Footprint : White Moth

The Fiery Furnaces - Two Fat Feet : Gallowsbird's Bark


Marcus said...

That Tenacious D is the funniest ish I heard all day. :-)

Sean said...

Glad I could lighten up your day Marcus.