Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Aviary Ghost

Looking at the cover of Memory Is A Hallway, and knowing the fact that Aviary Ghost is comprised of two men, my mind jumps to The Odd Couple. You know, that old show about the two guys who couldn't be any more opposite who live together in the same apartment in, if I remember correctly, New York City? What that has to do with the actual music on the album? Absolutely nothing.

The band's name, on the other hand, does make some neurons fire in my gray matter that actually relate to the music, though. Like it suggests, the tunes here are light, airy (but not fluffy), and float along deceptively lackadaisically at times, and at others turn into a soothing drone. It's easy to space out and just sort of go with the flow while listening, but tune yourself back in and you'll experience tracks which relate to memories of, well, experiences, and connecting them to the present. And there we see the origin of the album title. Don't you love it when it all comes together like that?

Anyway, try on the following two tracks for size, and then explore more on their MySpace page.

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onlycolls said...

Laughter is better than ice cream, as laughter makes everyone feel better. Love his voice... almost sounds a bit like Morrissey.

andrew said...

haha, onlycolls...
I think it's "laughter is much better than a scream", not ice cream. but yeah, cool song!