Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obi Better, Obi Best

For those readers who've visited often, and even for those who haven't, over the last year and half or so, I've consistently enjoyed the products of the bird and the bee (read about them here and here). So when Obi Best's album came my way, I listened with anticipation. The group is fronted by Alex Lilly, a back-up singer for the retro-pop bird and the bee, and therefor I expected to be similarly pleased with her new band.

There certainly are some similarities between her own band and her previous back-up engagement, and I can make some similar comparisons between Obi Best and other bands as well. Lilly brings with her the cute quirkiness and delicately light electronic flavor that brings Au Revoir Simone to mind as well as a very gentle instrumental touch in general. Distinguishing this latest effort though is an absence of that retro sound which the bird and the bee tend to drift towards. It will be interesting to see if Lilly's future work will tend to parallel her previous work with them or change direction on her own course.

The album came out digitally yesterday, and you can pick it up at their label's site, Amazon.com, and iTunes.

Visit label Social Science Recordings and become their friend on MySpace.


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Subsurvient Experiment said...

So many bands coming out lately feature females. I am loving it. I find chicks in bands very sex for some reason.