Wednesday, August 20, 2008

R&B Stylings of Kirsten Price

One look at the picture above of Kirsten Price should tell you that the woman's got some serious spunk. She uses the spunk to full effect on her debut album Guts & Garbage, an album full of soulful possibilities running the gamut from the very modern R&B stylings of the opening cut Magic Tree to the retro-sounding songs such as Bring Me Back (listen to both below) with all sorts of shades in between. She can go to a rootsy approach that pays respect to the blues and then shift gears on the next track for a contemporary feel that brings you back to the present day.

The album's been out since July, so you should have no problem finding a copy to call your own. In the meantime, enjoy the following:

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gaston monescu said...

cool tracks-
juicy production on these.