Friday, August 21, 2009

Joy Jones' musical child

"soul is how we roll...but in the purest since. soul distilled. our sound is progressive and vintage, spiritual and is our vehicle for change and insight. wrong notes do not exist in our world. we believe that life’s song is too short to always play in the 4/4. As trailblazers, genres and categories have little bearing on what we do...and what we do is always from the heart. we strive to provide an artistic incubator for artists and musicians alike. we strive to amplify, and testify this love we have for our music worldwide. always representing many sounds, under God with creative liberty and soul sonic grooves for all."

-Joy Jones' musical manifesto

I find it quite appropriate that Joy Jones' debut album Godchild is put out on Future Soul Records, because there's nothing tired about the music this woman produces. She describes her own music as "Afro-beat lullabies, future jazz protest songs and electronic hymns," and honestly, I couldn't do a better job of enveloping her sound in so few words if I tried. Her brand of soul sings like something brand new, incorporating elements of electronica, afro-beat, R&B, all over thought provoking themes that would make Nina Simone proud (check out her cover of Nina's song Be My Husband below). And although the beats feel very electric and inorganic, Jones' voice brings it back to a level human ears can connect with, adding a warmth that prevents it from becoming too future soul, especially as you progress deeper into the album. It's hard to compare her to other artists, so the only one I can come up with is possibly Zap Mama? Regardless, check out the tracks below if you want to try and classify her yourself.

and the original:

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