Thursday, August 27, 2009

Musical Twilight

"Crepusculo means twilight in Spanish - the time when everything shifts, from day to night, things become still and glowy, birds fly around, and songs from this album kept coming to me at this time of day. I've come to see the twilight as the beginning and not the end."

-Jessica Peters Malmberg

Listening to Petracovich's music makes me feel like I'm floating in twilight. It's lush, it's rich, it carries weight, it glides. Jessica Peters Malmberg forms the core of Petracovich, and it's around her and her experiences that this album revolves. Written while she was pregnant with her first child, who was lost after only eight days in this world, the album was placed aside, to be dusted off when the pain subsided. Along with the release of the album, she's claimed a new found happiness with another child on the way.

Although written before the dark event, it still carries a dark beauty to it, like soft, deep red, velvet cloth: luxurious to touch, yet evocative of a sense of anticipation of thinly veiled gloom, not yet realized, but lurking. Listen to the beauty of Mockingbird below, a song from her new album Crepusculo, whose slow pacing and quiet despair do a wonderful job of revealing the album's allure.

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