Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pretend with Arrica Rose

Sunsets on a quiet beach.
Waves crash on the shore beneath our feet.
Time stands still, the past slips away.
You turn to me and solemnly say…

I’ll love you forever and I’ll tell you other lies.
Forever is like the weather no the sun can’t always shine.
But I’ll love you forever and I’ll mean it when I say it
‘cause I’m desperate. Not for you but for forever.

-from I'll Love You Forever & Other Lies

Although Arrica Rose already has a few albums under her proverbial belt, Pretend I'm Fur, her latest EP, is my first encounter with her. It feels like a tragic one, not because it's horrible sounding, but because it seems so melancholically meditative. Of its seven songs, one is a cover (the Bee Gee's Tragedy) and six are originals, but all seem to ultimately focus on a mournful separation, a relationship soured, a loss of resistance to a lonely fate. And yet although the instrumentation is of a quiet tone, it still floats above a sense of apathetic acceptance. indicating a subtle strength that's not willing to go quietly. Listen to the EP's closing track, my favorite of the seven, below.

Visit her website, her label pOprOck Records, and become her friend on MySpace.

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