Sunday, July 01, 2007

Inside Kim Richey

You're like Chinese boxes
One inside the other
Inside the other
One inside the other

So begins the title track to Chinese Boxes, Kim Richey's sixth album to be released July 10th via Vanguard Records.

The album is filled to the brim with ten songs about relationships: some positive and hopeful, others less so. It's as if Kim is running through all of her experiences with love and weighing whether it's better to trust and try or to throw in the towel and be alone.

In the background, with one or two exceptions, is light instrumentation which is pleasant, but not exceptional, which is the way it should be with a singer and songwriter like Kim. The real draw of the album is her songwriting ability and the depth of her lyrics. As previously mentioned, Kim really focuses on relationships in her songs and her lyrics convey a genuine consciousness that peers deep into those inner recesses where hearts interact with one another.

Kim Richey - Jack And Jill : Chinese Boxes

Kim Richey - Turn Me : Chinese Boxes

Visit her website, her label Vanguard Records, and become her friend on MySpace.

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