Monday, July 09, 2007

Introducing...Seth Lakeman (to non-Brits that is)

One would think based on the two digital EPs that Seth Lakeman is releasing, titled Introducing ... Seth Lakeman Vol. 1 (out now) and Introducing ... Seth Lakeman Vol. 2 (out July 24th), that he's a brand new artist trying to break into the music biz. The fact of the matter is that Seth originally made music with his two brothers with whom he first released an album back in 1994, and then released his first solo album back in 2002 in the UK. His second solo album, Kitty Jay, which was recorded for the the hefty sum of approximately $600, received a Mercury prize nomination in 2005. These digital EPs are only preparing the way for an upcoming album in September titled Poor Man's Heaven, the first to be released in the US through Manhattan Records. Here's the line-up for the two EPs:

Introducing… Seth Lakeman Vol. 1 (released June 26)
1. Lady Of The Sea
2. King and Country (single version)
3. The White Hare (acoustic version)

Introducing… Seth Lakeman Vol. 2 (to be released July 24)
1. The Colliers
2. Setting of the Sun
3. Captain’s Court

All but one of the above songs appear in the original forms on Seth's last album, Freedom Fields. The one song that doesn't, Captain's Court, is the B-side on the Lady Of The Sea single. All of which are imports over here in the States, hence the whole "introducing Seth Lakeman" thing.

At first listen, Seth sounds like a neighbor of the musician I posted on yesterday, Fionn Regan. With his fiddle work on Lady of the Sea (available below), Seth gives off some serious Celtic vibes. On the majority of the tracks, the primary instrumentation is acoustic guitar, again much like Fionn, but with a little more pop. For UK listeners, you're probably already familiar with Seth; US listeners, download now, enjoy, and look forward to Seth's first US released album in September.

Seth Lakeman - Lady of the Sea (Hear Her Calling)
: Introducing...Seth Lakeman Vol. 1 (available digitally via iTunes / originally on Freedom Fields)

Seth Lakeman - Setting of the Sun : Introducing...Seth Lakeman Vol. 2 (available digitally via iTunes / originally on Freedom Fields)

and an older one...

Seth Lakeman - Blood Upon Copper : Kitty Jay

Visit his website, his label Manhattan Records, and become his friend on MySpace.

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