Monday, July 02, 2007

The Sinister Turns (not so sinister)

Sometimes finding a quality local band is like discovering a ten dollar bill in the pocket of a pair of pants you haven't worn in a while. Unexpected and exciting enough to make your day. So it is with The Sinister Turns, based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. What's so refreshing about their music, which sounds like a mix between Emmy the Great and Pony Up!, is that not only does it have some really super-duper infectiously catchy, popilicious hooks, but real honest to goodness lyrics that actually say something that makes sense while not just repeating over and over again. Take for instance Disappear, the first track available below:
I want to write realistic fiction, I want to sing poetic truth
not just for the metaphors so here it goes:
I want to run away, I want to get the guts to get up and go,
not dwell in a cracking dream, so here it goes:
Honestly I'm trying but where I've succeeded
I'm outlined with dots that aren't even needed
there's nothing that's bound within that I hold dear,
for when I try to mend, I tend to disappear
TST was a fivesome, but with two band members jumping ship (one moving to New York, the other to Japan), they are in summer flux hoping to reform, stronger than ever, in September with the beginning of the school year. They have one EP available titled Turn to the Left that you can purchase directly from the band (from which the following two songs are taken) and play live in the Boston area. Try the following two tracks, head to their page to hear more, and check them out in September if you are in the Boston area.

The Sinister Turns - Disappear : Turn to the Left

The Sinister Turns - The Last Time : Turn to the Left

Visit their website and become their friends on MySpace.


Emmy the Great - Secret Circus : Secret Circus Single (available via iTunes)

Pony Up! - Matthew Modine : Pony Up!


AK said...

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago, the Sinister Turns are awesome.

phaeton said...

Pony Up make me very very happy. As does their occasional predisposition to unnecessarily long titles involving animals.