Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ride my Gravy Train!!!

Where to being with Gravy Train!!!? If you haven't heard them before, imagine Peaches hooking up with The Go! Team and you'll start to get an idea of what to expect with their music. They just released their third album entitled All the Sweet Stuff with a new label, Cochon Records, and they are continuing their tradition of dirty new wave cheese-alicious fun.

With lyrics like "But things really start to cook when I think of how you'd look on my face" (from All the Sweet Stuff) and "Whether you use a Flowbee or work at Vidal Sassoon you gotta handle that bad perm because it's startin' to give off some fumes" (from The Hair Stare) you really can't take Gravy Train!!! too seriously but honestly, that's not what their game is all about. Chunx, Funx, Junx, and Hunx (the four members of the band) are all about getting the heat turned up high in your pants and then having a pillow fight in the buff.

The best thing about Gravy Train!!!'s music: it comes up labeled "children's music" in iTunes.

Gravy Train!!! - All The Sweet Stuff : All the Sweet Stuff

Gravy Train!!! - Strip 4 Me : All the Sweet Stuff

and one from their debut:

Gravy Train!!! - Titties Bounce : Hello Doctor

Visit their website, their label Cochon Records, and become their friend on MySpace.


Peaches - Tent in Your Pants : Impeach My Bush

The Go! Team - Bottle Rocket : Live at Lollapalooza 8-5-06

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