Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sailing with Fionn Regan

Hailing from County Wicklow, Ireland, 26 year old Fionn Regan is ready to make his mark on the musical world. Although he grew up in a household full of music and poetry, The End of History (which will be released July 10th) is Fionn's debut album.

Although I'll probably get some flack for suggesting this, at times on the album Fionn's vocal delivery and style reminds me of a young Irish Bob Dylan. The songs focus on his words, and although there is sparse instrumentation backing him up (primarily acoustic guitar), his lyrics are really the primary focus, sometimes easily gliding along, other times more spoken then sung. And although the album has somewhat of a melancholy mood to it, there are some high points as well. The simplicity in the structure of the songs almost makes me feel Fionn is a darker version of earlier Page France (not necessarily their newest ...And the Family Telephone, which feels more developed. Incidentally, Page France will be offering and iTunes exclusive EP, also available on the 10th, titled Page France and the Bonus Telephone EP). Especially when I listen to Hey Rabbit, which you can also listen to below.

Fionn has this to say about his debut:
“I bought this coat in a thrift store, and inside there was this brown paper envelope, folded over,” he explains. “The only thing written on it was that phrase, you reach certain stations in your life, completing that record marks the end of an era for me. Getting to it wasn’t easy; I’ve said making the album was like building an ocean liner with a butter knife. Your fingerprints are all over it, you learn to use the butter knife to your advantage, and then you have to see if it’s seaworthy.”
So take a listen yourself to see if in fact, the music sinks or floats.

Fionn Regan - Be Good of Be Gone : The End of History
(watch the video)

Fionn Regan - Hey Rabbit : The End of History

Visit his website, his label Lost Highway Records, and become his friend on MySpace.


Page France - Hat and Rabbit (live)
: Live 03/17/07 in Austin, TX (studio version on ...and the Family Telephone)


Paul said...

Thanks for posting these mate. Excellent records.

Sean said...

Glad you like them Paul. Honestly, the rest of the album is just as good, from beginning to end.

Lauren said...

I love Fionn. I was just googling him to see if he was coming to my city any time soon and I found this site. I'm glad your giving him some promotion. He's briliant. The record is great. I like your page. It's all for a good cause.