Thursday, July 26, 2007

start theSTART

I've done some very bad things, I have no excuses...

So begins Ciao, Baby, the third album from theSTART. The band is a foursome, but the real draw here is Aimee Echo on vocals. Take for example, the opening track, Wartime! (It's Time To Go Now), from which the above lyrics come from. It's an industrial / techno track with a dark edge, but still retains a seductive danceability to it with Aimee sweetly admitting to being a bad girl. It sounds like something out of The Matrix - maybe a cut scene showing Neo and Trinity making love in their black leather outfits with a touch of S & M mixed in for the fun of it.

The rest of the album holds onto that darkly frisky mood on top of dance inspired electronic beats that will please synth-pop lovers everywhere. The group has recently switched over to Metropolis Records, home of another techno-pop band I talked about last month, Client. Like Client, theSTART takes that electronic industrial sound down a few notches to make it something to move your body to, and not in the thrash around with a chain attached to your nose sort of way. For example, Dance Revolution, available below.

theSTART - Wartime! (It's Time To Go Now) : Ciao, Baby

theSTART - Dance Revolution : Ciao, Baby

and one from their last album:

theSTART - Life Is Sweet : Initiation

Visit their website, their label Metropolis Records, and become their friend on MySpace.

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Renee said...

Hey nice review. theSTART is my new favorite band after I saw them with Front Line Assembly in St. Paul, MN a few months ago. Ciao, Baby is on heavy rotation in my player.