Monday, July 30, 2007

Aaron Schroeder - at it again

A little less than a year ago, I wrote about Aaron Schroeder's debut album Southern Heart In Western Skin (read about it here if you have some time to waste). Well, Aaron is back with his sophomore effort, this one titled Black & Gold, and although I haven't heard the whole thing yet, the two songs I have heard (both below) show great promise for a triumphant return. This time around, he's got a boatload of guests to back him up including Ben Barnett (of Kind Of Like Spitting), Justin Medal-Johnsen (of Beck/Air/Ladytron/etc.), Tyler Blake (of Young Americans), and Jeremy Castillo (of Mighty Six Ninety).

If you haven't listened to Aaron before, give the following tracks a chance. The first, What We Don't Know, is the lead off track for the new album. Call Out To Me, the second song, is a quiet acoustic guitar driven ballad that could be sung around a campfire. The last, Santa Anna, is my favorite track off his debut and is a jiggy Irish punk sounding sort of zipper.

Aaron Schroeder - What We Don't Know : Black & Gold

Aaron Schroeder - Call Out To Me : Black & Gold

and one from his debut:

Aaron Schroeder - Santa Ana : Southern Heart In Western Skin

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